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Ingraham: Biden seeks 'masks and mandates forever', as WH poised to guide 'the science' wherever they need


In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Thursday, host Laura Ingraham said President Biden claims to issue edicts to the American people based on “the science”, but in reality seeks to create a system where the government can rule by emergency indefinitely.

The immunological science on the coronavirus hasn’t changed, Ingraham said, adding that the government and its experts have established a system where they can cite COVID-19 to justify any political decision and essentially force the public to go along with it.

“Joe Biden and the CDC want you to believe that they’ve changed their guidance on masks because the science has changed,” she said, playing clips of Biden’s remarks at the White House earlier in the day.

“The science has not changed. Like all pandemics, in the wind-down phase there are viral variants and mutations – but the science, the immunology has not changed: The variants become more transmissible but usually not more deadly. Often less so. That is Immunology 101.”

Ingraham said the last year and a half has taught the public exactly what the risks factor are – age, preexisting conditions like obesity, metabolic problems, and the like. However, the Biden administration continues to force a one-size-fits-all policy claiming it is based in science.

“Why are we continuing to hold America hostage for a disease that is overwhelmingly survivable even in older Americans if given the right early therapeutics?” she asked

“At this point, there is no question that this is about controlling us, not protecting us.”

She pointed to Australia, where cases have plummeted but politicians locked down the residents of Sydney for four more weeks.

The Democrats, she said, have aptly taken note:

“The lockdowns are the policy.  They’re not the answer or the solution.  If they were, New York and California would have led the nation in preventing deaths and hospitalizations,” Ingraham said.

“The Left prefers lockdowns to life before COVID. They prefer working from home. They are fine with borrowing as much money as possible to keep paying people not to work. They think requiring rent payments is unfair. They think paying tuition is unfair. They are fine with punishing, excluding and shaming Americans who decide against getting this vaccine.”

Ingraham pointed to one high-profile example from Thursday that the Biden administration “loves” a society forced to wear masks.

While visiting Vietnam, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III debarked his plane wearing a mask, over which he sported a very large plastic shield that ran the height of his face. He also fist-bumped in greeting Vietnamese officials rather than the standard handshake.

“So embarrassing,” Ingraham said of Austin’s behavior.

Most notably, Ingraham pointed out Biden appears to have a different policy prescription for citizens than he does for illegal immigrants, as throngs continue to flood across the Rio Grande untested and unvaccinated.

In a glaring case in La Joya, Texas, COVID-symptomatic illegal immigrants were released to Catholic Charities, who booked them into a motel. A customer at a neighboring restaurant alerted local law enforcement when a group of them was seen wheezing and maskless.

“They would have shut down the border – not continued to seed America with COVID via migrants who’ve tested positive,” Ingraham said of the White House.

“Biden had his chance to bring back the America we love, but he yielded to the media, the Left and the permanent bureaucracy. He made a colossal mistake by ceding this territory to Fauci and the CDC. It is patently obvious that there is no “science” that is going to compel them to urge restrictions be lifted.  It’s all arbitrary.”

Ingraham added that Biden continues to ignore actual science in favor of his quest to have every American receive a vaccine jab, as the host pointed to natural immunity and other factors that apolitical medical scientists routinely take into account when making their recommendations.

“These mandates aren’t going to change the views of conservatives and independents at all.  If anything, they’ll make them trust the vaccines less,” she said.


“The ‘experts’ played a game for the past 18 months…we were told could ‘get past this’… COVID is their excuse to do everything they couldn’t push through in normal prosperous and happy times.  They want all of this to roll into 2022 and 2024. They will cite COVID to justify the need for ballot harvesting and to extend voting,” she said.

“I just do not believe the American people are prepared to live under this many restrictions and restraints,” Ingraham said, “I think more people will come to realize that there is no way out — unless we get new political leadership. Americans will free themselves. No one is going to do it for them.”

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