'Irresponsible!' Dan Wootton warns Conservative civil war will put Keir Starmer in No10


A civil war inside the Conservative Party which could topple Liz Truss will help put Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer in Number 10, GB News’ Dan Wootton has warned. The 39-year-old, who unashamedly voiced support for ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, even warned that such a move could be “highly irresponsible” due to Labour’s potential coalition partners.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Wootton said: “The irony is that Boris supporters like me who then backed Truss never wanted a leadership contest in the first place.

“But when the establishment didn’t get the answer they wanted from the vote, it was obvious to me they would stop at nothing to roll her.

“As a result, the post-Boris Tory bloodlust is now out of control and will end with only one thing: Prime Minister Starmer, possibly propped up by the coalition from hell.”

He added: “A deal with the Lib Dems will usher in proportional representation; a union with the SNP will, well, end the union and hand 16-year-olds the vote; and if he’s propped up by the Greens we can wave goodbye to ever flying or eating meat again.

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“That’s why the Conservative civil war is so highly irresponsible.”

However, recent opinion polls suggest Sir Keir will not need to rely on the Liberal Democrats or the SNP.

According to a Redfield & Wilton survey yesterday, Labour opened up a 28-point lead over Ms Truss’ Tories.

During the ongoing Conservative Party conference, which only started in England’s second city on Sunday, Conservative MPs have taken aim at Ms Truss over her Chancellor’s mini-budget.

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Writing on Twitter, the Brexit-backing Mid Bedfordshire MP said: “Widespread dismay at the fact that three years of work has effectively been put on hold.

“No one asked for this. C4 [Channel 4] sale, online safety, BBC licence fee review, all signed off by Cabinet all ready to go, all stopped.

“If Liz wants a whole new mandate, she must take to the country.”


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