'It's bloody worked!' GB News claims lefty ‘xenophobia’ responsible for Rwanda success


Patrick Christys said that after nine days without a single recorded migrant Channel crossing, it appears the Rwanda deal has “gone and bloody worked”. Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen claimed that the deal was “working already”, before adding that the prospect of going to Rwanda should be extended to “the illegal migrants already here”. Not a single migrant crossing has been recorded since April 19. 

Mr Christys said: “Vladimir Putin might have a rather large nuclear deterrent but that’s nothing compared to our deterrent: Rwanda. 

“Goodness gracious me. It’s only gone and bloody worked, hasn’t it. There have been no channel migrant crossings in nine days. 

“This can’t only be down to wind direction or offshore conditions. After all, we had arrivals coming in all through winter. 

“No, no. This is down to the threat of being deported to Africa. And it’s not often that you’ll hear me say this people, but I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the BBC, and the lefty media. 

“Their lazy, outdated and frankly xenophobic statements about Rwanda have done the Government’s job for them. 

“They’ve made this country seem like the most unappealing place in the world. 

“And I find it hilarious that when the Government announced this scheme, channel migrants didn’t seem to believe that Boris and Priti would actually send them to Africa. 

“But all you had to do was go over to Calais and show them one BBC article about Rwanda and, all of sudden, they’re looking at return flights to Syria.” 

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But reports of a “strong, north-easterly wind” have been cited as the main reason why migrants have not been able to cross recently. 

Nigel Farage told GB News that the migrants “will continue to come” once the unstable and dangerous weather conditions abate. 

He said: “There are some saying Rwanda is working, it’s a success because virtually no migrants have come now for the last six or seven days. Believe you me, I know this subject.

“That is nothing to do with the prospect of being shipped off to Rwanda. It’s because there has been a persistent, strong, north-easterly wind in the English Channel. When it gets calm again, the boats will continue to come.”


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