Jake Paul accused of being 'too scared' to look Tyron Woodley in the eye as rivals face off

Jake Paul accused of being ‘too scared’ to look Tyron Woodley in the eye as rivals face off at pre-fight photo shoot

  • YouTuber Jake Paul is set to fight ex-UFC champion Tyrone Woodley in August
  • Paul beat Ben Askren in his last fight to stretch his professional record to 3-0  
  • The pair faced of for promotional pictures with Paul looking uncomfortable

Fight fans have claimed that Jake Paul is afraid of Tyron Woodley after footage emerged of the YouTuber-turned-boxer looking rather unconformable at a pre-fight photo shoot. 

Paul’s fourth professional fight against former UFC welterweight champion Woodley will take place on August 28. 

The Probelm Child has an undefeated record so far in his career having beaten fellow streaming star AnEsonGib, former professional boxer Nate Robinson and ex-UFC star Ben Askren.

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Jake Paul (L)and Tyron Woodley faced off for photos

Paul seemed unwilling to look Woodley in the eye

Jake Pasul (left) seemed unwilling to look Tyron Woodley in the eye during a photo shoot

No venue has been confirmed for the bout but it will be a contest weighed at a maximum of 190lb.

Promotion has begun for what will no doubt be a huge event and some behind-the-scenes video has showed Paul acting far from his usual confident self.

The rivals can be seen squaring off in their boxing gear for photographs but Paul seems unwilling to make eye-contact with Woodley, choosing instead to look down to the ground or at the camera. 

Paul has announced his next boxing match

He will face former UFC champion Woodley

Paul will take on former UFC welterweight  champion Woodley on August 28 

Woodley then continues to crack his neck and rolls his shoulders as Paul remains seeming sheepish.

Viewers believe this was a damning scene with one commenting: ‘this is the moment Jake knew he has picked the wrong opponent’ and another saying ‘Jake knows he messed up.’

Woodley later took to Twitter, writing: ‘You already scared s***less. I don’t have to slap you. But the moment I walk away after I knock you out… the world will rejoice.’ 


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