Jay Leno is undergoing 'very aggressive' hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Five things to know about it.


Jay Leno remained hospitalized Friday after he underwent surgery following a gasoline accident that resulted in serious burns to his face and hands.

The injury took place after a gasoline fire erupted in the legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host’s garage over the weekend. While he was working on his car, a clogged fuel line uncorked, spraying fuel in his face and a nearby spark ignited the gasoline. 

Leno underwent surgery for excision and grafting for second and third-degree burns and was slated for another procedure this week.

In a statement earlier this week Leno said he needed “a week or two” to get back on his feet. But on Wednesday, Dr. Peter Grossman, the medical director of the Grossman Burn Center, said that Leno is “realizing that he does need to perhaps take it a little slower than he initially anticipated.”


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