Jill Scott swaps jungle rice for coffee beans and Margherita pizza


Swapping jungle rice for coffee beans the ex-England footballer, 35, wants to catch up with her loyal customers in her Manchester venue as early as next week.

Jill says, “I’ll definitely be going back to Boxx 2 Boxx. 

“We have customers that are so loyal and kept the shop going, especially through Covid so it will be about getting round there and thanking everyone.” 

The football star reunited with her fiancee Shelly Unitt, 37, in Australia.

Jaill continues to praise her fiancee, “Knowing I had Shelly’s support going into this from day one, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to do it so we’re a good team.

“The next plan is to get wed.

“I am excited to see what happens in the future – but I don’t think there will be a wedding in the jungle.”

Jill further added: “I just want a Margherita pizza and relax, I’m not a big drinker. I had a coffee, Tim Tams and I’ve got my tea.

“For me the whole team were winners. Charlene, Scarlette, Sue making the food, Seann and Baba making us laugh, Boy George waking us up with his singing.

“If I had been in there on my own I wouldn’t have survived.”


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