John Cantlie: British journalist documenting Syrian civil war kidnapped by IS a decade ago


“I respected his decision to go back and understood why he felt he had to go.”

On November 22, soon after crossing the border from Turkey, he was captured by members of the Islamic State at a checkpoint, along with James Foley, an American journalist.

Mr Cantlie resurfaced in September 2014, when IS published a video of him, which would become part of a series in which he espoused critical views of how the civil war was being received and reported in the West. Mr Foley was beheaded the month before.

As a prisoner of the jihadist group, it is thought he did not believe all of what he said. According to the BBC, he told other hostages he was held with that he was speaking against his will, and wished the British Government would bomb their prison so he could die.


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