Judge Jeanine: Why did Biden gave legitimacy to a terror organization?


    Jeanine Pirro questioned the Biden administration’s handling of U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” asking why the president gave “legitimacy to a terror organization.” 

    JEANINE PIRRO: National security officials and the president warning another attack is likely just days after a suicide bomber killed 13 American service members at the airport. The attack coming as the Biden administration continues to rely on the Taliban to bring our men and women home safely. And despite the deadly scene, the president is refusing to budge on his deadline, insisting we will be out by August 31, although the administration is admitting Americans will be left behind. 

    At no time in American history am I aware of an administration leaving Americans behind, let alone admitting they are willing to leave Americans behind because of a deal they cut with a terrorist organization. 


    Why was the Taliban allowed to review manifests of those coming to the airport? Why was the Taliban given biometrics of our Afghan partners, essentially a death sentence to those who assisted America? Why is the president of the United States giving legitimacy to a terror organization?


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