King Charles and Anne were with Queen as she died – monarch's death certificate released


The Queen’s two eldest children were by her side when she died earlier this month, as newly-released records state Her Late Majesty’s time of death as 3.10pm. The Queen’s death certificate was made public on Thursday.

The cause of death is listed as “old age”.

The Palace announced the Queen’s death at 6.30pm on September 8, exactly three weeks ago.

The late monarch’s death was registered on September 16 in Aberdeenshire, as the Queen died at the Royal Family’s Balmoral Castle.

On September 8, Buckingham Palace said the late sovereign “died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon”.

The palace added that the “King and Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral” before returning to the capital the following day.

It has long been understood that the Princess Royal, 72, and the new King, 73, were the only two of the Queen’s children to reach her bedside before she died.

It has been reported that a royal helicopter was sent in the early hours of September 8 to where Charles was – Ayrshire, western Scotland.

The now-King was photographed boarding the helicopter, arriving at the Balmoral estate at 10.27am.

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The aircraft then landed at Aberdeen at 3.50pm – 40 minutes after the Queen’s time of death.

The family members arrived at Balmoral Castle at approximately 5pm.

Prince Harry made his way separately to Balmoral, arriving at the estate at around 8pm.

Prime Minister Liz Truss was informed of the death of the monarch at 4.30pm.

Ms Truss met the Queen to receive the monarch’s formal request to form a parliament. She was the last public figure to be photographed with the Queen – on September 6.

The National Records of Scotland released the document as St George’s Chapel in Windsor opened its doors to the public.

The Queen was buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel alongside her husband, Prince Philip, and her sister, Princess Margaret, as well as her parents, George VI and the Queen Mother.


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