Lady Louise turns 18: Royal will be 'firmly chic & rather cool' as working member of Firm


    When they welcomed Louise in 2003, and later their son James in 2007, they chose not to give them the Princess and Prince titles, of which they were entitled to have.

    They wanted Louise and James to have a more normal and private upbringing and to not have the same pressures placed on them that their cousins had.

    Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, for example, are Louise and James’s first cousins, and despite being quite low down the pecking order they were granted Princess titles at birth at the request of their father, Prince Andrew.

    As a result, Louise and James have only been seen at royal events a handful of times and there is not a huge amount known about them, other than their schooling and where they live.

    If Lady Louise decides to inherit her Princess title and become a working royal now she is an adult, there is a lot of speculation about what kind of working royal she would be.

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