Lando Norris fires dig at George Russell after Mercedes man called out Monaco TV producers


Lando Norris has suggested George Russell’s overtakes were ‘crappy’ and that his eventual pass was not ‘mega’. The McLaren star said he ‘wasn’t impressed about Russell’s passes despite the former Williams man claiming he was infuriated the move was not shown on TV.

Norris was slightly ahead on pit exit but Russell managed to get better traction out of Ste Devote and slipped by on the exit. The Mercedes rookie was forced to dip his tyres into wet patches to ensure he could pass the McLaren and keep up his run of top-five finishes.

However, Norris snapped back at Russell, claiming the move was not that exciting. He told with a laugh: “That was supposed to be mega?

“I mean, if that was a mega overtaking move, then he did a few crappy overtaking moves before that! I just pitted on wet tyres and he had a one-lap advantage because he was already on slicks and the slick was the right tyre. He had warm tyres, mine were cold. And he passed me, it’s very simple.

“I wasn’t impressed at all, more frustrated.”

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However, the McLaren star was left questioning his team’s decision-making after the race, stressing the team did not do a ‘perfect job’ with the strategy calls.

He said: “It was a good race, even if we lost position to the Mercedes. That sometimes happens in these conditions. You can take your risk of going one lap earlier. But it is a risk, sometimes you’ll lose from it, sometimes you gain, and today they gained.

“So, fair play to them, George did a good job as well. But we sort of made the most of it otherwise, with the fastest lap and the pace at the end.”

He added: “There’s things we’ll talk about, about the strategy, I don’t think we did a perfect job.”


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