Lewis Hamilton tipped to make George Russell worry as he heaps pressure on Mercedes


“Lewis has had a lot of luck at some points in his career. He’s definitely successful because he’s put the hard work in – he’s not going to give up. The only consolation for him is that they (Mercedes) are not winning races while he is losing out,” Di Resta continued.

“You can see the frustration in him and he’s questioning the team. He’s applying a lot of pressure that we’ve not heard on the radio, and he’s making them work [hard].”

Hamilton told Sky Sports after qualifying in sixth ahead of the Spanish GP: “The team have done such a great job, so big, big thank you to everyone at both factories. We don’t have bouncing in a straight line, which is a huge improvement for us, and the car has generally been nicer this weekend.

“We do have some bouncing through the high speed corners like Turn 3 and Turn 9, so we just need to keep working away at that and gain a little bit more downforce. I’m a little bit gutted because I want to be a little bit further ahead, and George has been able to, but I’ll keep pushing.”


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