'Lifetime achievement award!' Hillary Clinton mocks Russia as Putin slaps sanction on her


Moscow imposed new sanctions on Ms Clinton, US President Joe Biden and several other White House officials yesterday. The new measures, known as a “stop-list”, will mean named individuals will be blocked from entering Russia and have any assets held in the country frozen.

The ex-Secretary of State took to social media to deliver a mock acceptance speech-style response to the Kremlin’s announcement.

Ms Clinton told her 31million Twitter followers: “I want to thank the Russian Academy for this Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The quip was well received by the former Presidential nominee’s fans after almost 90,000 users liked the post.

The decision to put Ms Clinton on the “stop-list” comes just days after the former First Lady tore into Russian President Vladimir Putin for “acting out his own insecurities” by invading Ukraine.

Ms Clinton told MSNBC: “It’s so heartbreaking to me that Putin is acting out his own insecurities, his own resentments and grievances against the people of Ukraine — waging a war against a smaller state that is totally unprovoked.”

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Ms Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election, also took aim at the 45th President for “giving aid and comfort” to Putin before Russia invaded Ukraine.

However, Mr Trump has consistently claimed Russian troops would not have entered Ukraine if he was still in the Oval Office.

Speaking to supporters at his recent ‘Save America’ rally in South Carolina, the ex-POTUS said: “My personality is what kept us out of war.

“I was the only President in nearly four decades who did not get America into any new conflicts.

“Instead, I brought our troops and our wonderful children back home where they belong.”

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However, officials from inside the Kremlin claim the measures were introduced “on the basis of reciprocity”.

A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said: “In response to a series of unprecedented sanctions prohibiting, among other things, entry into the United States for top officials of the Russian Federation, from March 15 of this year, the Russian ‘stop list’ includes on the basis of reciprocity President J Biden, Secretary of State A Blinken, Secretary of Defence L Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff M Milley, as well as a number of department heads and prominent US figures.”

The statement added: “It is the consequence of the extremely Russophobic policy pursued by the current US administration.”

The Kremlin has also been mocked by the West Wing following the announcement.

Jen Psaki, Mr Biden’s White House press secretary, suggested Moscow had mistakenly placed sanctions on the 46th President’s late father as the statement did not include the suffix ‘junior’ from his name.

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Ms Psaki said: “President Biden is a ‘junior’ so they may have sanctioned his Dad, may he rest in peace.”

She added: “None of us are planning tourist trips to Russia, none of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access, so we will forge ahead.”

Joe Biden Senior passed away in 2002.

However, Joe Biden Junior was also joined on the 13-person list by his son Hunter.

Hunter, who was frequently brought up by ex-POTUS Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election, was accused of inviting an adviser from a Ukrainian energy company to meet his father.

The President has consistently rejected the claim and even described it as a part of a “smear campaign”.


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