'Living crisis is in Ukraine!' Ukrainian MP says UK crisis is incomparable to Ukraine war


Referring to the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK and the war Ukrainian people are now fighting against Russia, Ukrainian MP Andrii Osadchuk said “the living crisis is in Ukraine”. “The real crisis is when your house is being destroyed and your neighbour is laying dead outside”, he pointed out and added “we all need to unite” as “[Ukraine] is on the frontline defending Europe”.

Mr Osadchuck told TalkTV: “I’m listening in your programmes the emotional debates on living crisis in the UK.

“Believe me the living crisis is in Mariupol, in Kharkiv…in Ukraine.

“When your house is fully destroyed.

“When your neighbour is laying dead next to your house.

“That’s the real challenge of the 21st century, unfortunately.

“And not to make it happen in other parts of Europe.

“We all need to unite.

“And Ukraine needs much more help comparing to what we’ve got to do today.

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“This was is at our home.

“You are sitting in your living room watching TV.

“We are in Ukraine, fighting in the doorway with guns in our hands.

“So it is the same home that where we all live together”.


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