London panic erupts at 'creepy martian' orange sky as huge Saharan dust cloud covers city


Many people pointed out the “bizarre” colour of the sky on social media, which has occurred as a result of a Saharan dust cloud. The dust cloud has come to the UK from Spain, where it caused bright orange skies and sand deposits on cars and buildings across the country. Reacting to the scenes in London, one Twitter user, nicknamed Geferon, wrote: “HELP THE SKY IS ORANGE”.

Another user, Paul described the skies as “gloomy” and “pallid”.

He said: “In SE London right now it’s very gloomy, and the pallid and yellowish sky looks more Martian than Terran.

“Is it the same Saharan dust that gave SW Europe orange skies this week?”

Roxanne Escobales added: “Yesterday in Madrid, the sky looked apocalyptic with an eerie orange nothingness blotting out the light from Saharan winds carrying sand from the south.

In Spain, large parts of the southeast coast have been deemed “extremely unfavourable”- the lowest possible rating given by the national air quality index.

Dr Andy Whittamore, Clinical Lead at Asthma UK, said: “Saharan dust could pose a serious risk to the 5.4million people in the UK with asthma.

“Dust and other types of air pollution are a well-known trigger for people with asthma.

“Toxic air can leave people struggling for breath and can cause wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and even a life-threatening asthma attack.

“People with asthma must make sure they carry their reliever inhaler (usually blue) with them at all times in case their symptoms worsen.

“We also advise people with asthma to continue to manage their condition with their preventer inhaler (usually brown) as this will help to reduce the inflammation in their airways and make them less likely to react to asthma triggers.”

People in Spain have also been advised to wear a mask in the street and told to refrain from “long-term outdoor activities”.


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