'Long way to go!' Supercar fanatic Danni Menzies blasts sexism in motor sport


Danni Menzies first launched her way onto the presenting scene by appearing in a show about supercars. However, the A Place in the Sun presenter is adamant that more needs to be done to discourage sexism in motor sport and to get more females out on the racing track.

The supercar fanatic, who was on location in Sweden just before our chat filming an X Factor style show about female drivers, has a huge appetite for driving at speed.

Yet she revealed: “I think there used to be [a lot of sexism surrounding the sport].

“Now everyone’s trying to sort of even things out and give women the same opportunities as men.”

Danni once appeared in an event in which she out-raced 30 male contestants to win – but she doesn’t believe female contributions are always recognised or that they get the credit that they deserve.

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“It’s about time that kinda happened in motor sport. Hopefully the change is happening,” she mused.

However, the 33-year-old warned: “I think there’s a long way to go.”

Her forthcoming show will be “like the X Factor for female racing drivers” – and the project, begun after she announced her departure from A Place in the Sun, is right up her street.

“I love it. I started driving when I was very young,” she enthused.

Enthusing that it’s an adrenalin sport everybody should try their hand at, she urged that Express.co.uk readers should consider trying out for Formula 1.

“I think obviously a lot of girls have been told that they can’t do that [because] it’s a boy’s thing,” she sympathised.

“[However] I think now with opportunities like that, if they’ve ever thought about doing it, they should absolutely go for it.”

Meanwhile she lamented: “[We’re judged for] our behaviour very differently to men.”

Danni is also passionate about working with animals.

A previous job, which developed after a spell of agoraphobia confined her to her Perthshire home, involved rescuing sickly race-horses.

Animals that would have been destined for the slaughterhouse due to previous neglect transformed under her watchful eye and even became show-jumpers.

The star has now revealed that she would love one of her future TV projects to include animals, although she is unsure exactly what the future holds, which is “what makes [life] so exciting”.


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