Lord Frost outlines 12 Brexit wins as Britain celebrates major milestone


Lord David Frost has outlined 12 major benefits of the UK’s Brexit freedom, hitting out at those questioning the UK’s decision to exit the bloc. Writing on Twitter, the former Brexit Secretary and chief negotiator said: “As expected, all those who opposed our exit from the EU are out in force this morning trying to tell us it was a bad decision. Let’s look at why they are wrong.”

He added: “They seem to have forgotten how things were before 2016 – not just the obvious disagreement about the EU’s goals, but the endless arguments, the constant need to block rules against our interests, the huge diversion of diplomatic effort.

“They also forget that our slowest growth for decades, and our worst productivity, came in this final period when we were most closely integrated with the single market and had the highest sustained immigration ever.

“Why would returning to those things make anything better?”

Lord Frost praised Brexit for making “Britain a full democracy again, able to change everything at elections”, calling for the UK to stick to “democracy, freedom and self-government”.

Lord Frost also listed 12 achievements which he said were made possible by Brexit, including opening up free ports, reforming financial services, making the UK a “centre for scientific research” in gene editing, putting in place a new immigration system, scrapping the common agricultural policy and introducing a scheme that “suits UK farmers”, changing our subsidy rules to make them “less bureaucratic” and introducing VAT reductions which would be “illegal under EU law”.

He also noted the UK’s ability to make changes to alcohol duty which he said would have been illegal under EU law, “increasing UK fishing in our own waters”, “banning environmentally damaging EU fishing practices” and putting in place new free trade agreements.

Looking ahead, he also noted that the UK is about to “stop paying £10-15bn a year into EU coffers”.

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This morning’s IMF forecast predicted that the UK would be the only major economy – including Russia – to shrink in 2023.

The IMF said the economy will contract by 0.6 percent in 2023, rather than grow slightly as previously predicted.

But it also said that it thinks the UK is now “on the right track”.

However, the IMF has consistently underestimated UK GDP growth every year since 2016.

Writing on Twitter, Lord Frost called for politicians to “stop agonizing and get on with delivering”, calling for “public service reform, better energy policy, a credible immigration policy, better house-building policy and tax and spending to start coming down.”

But touting the benefits of Brexit, he continued: “Getting these right is in our own hands.”

“We have a better chance of making these things politically possible if our establishment could stop pretending that marginal changes to the 2020 trade deal, still less going back into the single market and customs union, would magically solve our problems.”


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