‘Lost the Brexit argument!’ Frost in brutal swipe at Boris: ‘I wouldn’t have done it'


Since January 1, full customs checks and import declarations have been required on goods arriving from the EU.

The checks were delayed when Britain first left the EU transition period at the end of December 2020 in order to allow businesses time to adapt to the new trading relationship.

Their introduction has created extra paperwork for firms, creating extra cost and bureaucracy.

Lord Frost said he argued against the checks while in Government but was overruled.

He said: “This year is affected by the new inward customs processes we brought in on January 1.

“I wouldn’t have done this but I lost the internal argument.”

He made his intervention after the publication of a report by the public accounts committee (PAC) that claimed leaving the European Union has so far made trade more expensive.

MPs on the committee found while Covid had surpassed trade, the “EU exit has had an impact, and that new border arrangements have added costs to business”.

The PAC said the Government had considerable work to do to make cross-border trade easier for businesses.

Brussels has required British exporters to the continent to fill out paperwork since the first months after the end of the transition period.

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