‘Lot more we could do' Lord Frost admits UK needs benefits of Brexit 'to start paying off'


The former lead Brexit negotiator has offered a frank appraisal of the benefits Britain has taken from Brexit since leaving the European Union. Lord Frost argued there is a “lot more we could do” as he listed the ways in which Brexit Britain could seize the opportunities of being outside the orbit of Brussels. 

Lord Frost told LBC: “I think there’s a lot more we could do with there’s a lot we have done, the vaccine rollout leading on Ukraine and restoring democracy to the country.

“Let’s not forget that is the most important point of Brexit in many EU countries. You can’t decide everything through elections through this code in this country. We now can, but I would like to see us doing more.

“For example, on planning reform on procurement reform, on restoring flexible labour markets, reducing tariffs, going harder on free trade deals.

“All these sorts of things so that some of the benefits start to be visible and pay off.”



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