Lynsey Crombie: My BBQ and garden furniture check list to complete before winter


    Back in April, This Morning sent me a dirty BBQ to clean, belonging to DJ BBQ. It was disgusting. In the end, I had to get the jet wash on it. Cleaning the BBQ and gardening furniture is on my to-do list at this time of year because it’s still not freezing cold but I’ve stopped using the barbecue, and I know many Britons will be thinking about the same thing.

    BBQs can really build up burned meat and grime, so it’s the perfect time to give the BBQ a really good clean before I put it away.

    Obviously, lots of people don’t clean the BBQ after they’ve used it once, they leave it for the whole summer. If you’ve been that type of person, now is the time for you to really get all that burned food off.

    The first thing to tackle on a BBQ is the racks. Some of the racks will fit into the dishwasher, which is fantastic. You can also use the Oven Pride oven racks bags, where you put the racks into the bag with products to give them a good clean. Or you can use lemon juice and scrub the racks with some bicarbonate of soda using a wire scourer.

    Do you know what else will be really good? A steam cleaner is great on a BBQ. Some of them come with little attachments with a little wire scrubber, which will be perfect.

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    For the body of the BBQ, empty the old coals and bits of stuff in there. Then clean the wheels and the frame, because lots of people will forget to do that. Then just cover it and pop it in the garage or somewhere it’s going to keep nice over the winter.

    This way, when you get it out for summer next year it’s not going to be disgusting, it’s going to be clean and usable. In the long term, it will save you money. How many people get their dirty BBQ out in the summer from last year and say “Oh I’ll just buy another one”? That’s a waste of money, and we don’t want to be wasteful. Keeping things clean makes them last so long much longer.

    When it comes to garden furniture, we want to clean it up and store it somewhere it’s not going to get all cobwebby.

    So, we’ve got different types of furniture: we’ve got rattan, plastic, wood, and metals. With the cushions, lots of those covers can actually go in the washing machine. You could wash them and fold them up in large plastic and keep them in the garage.

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    With plastic furniture itself, use a brush to knock any cobwebs off, and then just use warm soapy water.

    If you’ve got the room in the garage or a shed, put them away. If you don’t, don’t panic.

    Plastic is actually weatherproof, so you could leave it out if you wanted to, but I would advise at least stacking up the chairs if you leave them in the garden.

    You can also cover them in camping sheets to keep the rain off.

    If you’ve got wood, that’s normally not too bad to clean. You could obviously brush all the cobwebs off and then treat it. HG, which is a brand of cleaning products, do really good wood cleaner for outside garden furniture. With that product, you literally spray it once over the whole piece of furniture and it gives it like a protective layer for the winter.

    Alternatively, orange oil is really great so for treating wood furniture. If you look on Amazon or somewhere you can buy orange oil cleaning products.

    For metal furniture, it can get rusty. If you have rust patches on these, use tomato ketchup to get that rust off, or just use a little rust brush and knock off as much as you can.

    Then tidy it away in the back of the garden shed or garage if you have room.

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