Macron humiliated as France could run out of ammo within DAYS of war with Russia


With the war in Ukraine now reaching its third week, the prospect of the conflict spreading into mainland Europe has left nations in the region on high alert. For France, attempts at diplomacy failed prior to the Russian invasion of its southern neighbour. Yet, should the conflict reach French shores, and Mr Macron be forced to engage with Russia, one senior official claims ammunition would run out in three to four days.

The chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Committee, LR Senator Christian Cambon of Val-de-Marne, estimated this Tuesday the French army’s ammunition reserves were so low, according to some of his sources, they could provide autonomy of “four days” at most.

Adding salt to the wound, Mr Cambon said: “I even think this information is optimistic compared to reality. The most obvious point is the ammunition.”

Mr Cambon, the former Mayor of Saint Maurice went on to say: “We must understand, first of all, France is currently using ammunition on the Sahel-Saharan zone with Operation Barkhane, so we are not like other European countries looking after their stocks, we are actually using them.

“We have known for a long time we don’t have in terms of ammunition, the quantity that would allow us to sustain a long-term conflict. Some people talk of three-four days”.

Comparing France’s current situation to previous conflicts, Mr Cambon said: “We must remember the situation of France in 1939.

“We would not want to find ourselves in an identical situation if this conflict arrives at our doors.”

Suggesting politicians should accept responsibility and resolve the situation, Mr Cambon said: “We are) the vigilant guardians of the military programming law, and we are going to go in that direction.

“We have pointed out certain weaknesses that could cost us dearly in the event of a conflict.

“It is absolutely necessary to be prepared and the French are aware of this.”

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Taking the severity of the situation to a wider scale, Mr Cambon also considered the impact of conflict should it involve other European nations.

“We must take advantage of the drama that is affecting Europe to think more deeply about what the Europe of defence should be.”

How damaging is this news to France? Will this impact Macron’s election hopes? Will the war in Ukraine in fact spread West into mainland Europe? Let us know your thoughts by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below. Every Voice Matters!

France is a NATO member and bound by the collective defence protocols of Article 5 of the alliance agreement.

Along with Britain, France also enjoys a strong nuclear deterrent.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega


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