Macron SNUBS Johnson's ambition to fix 'broken' relationship


Emmanuel Macron win in the French election could lead to him unleashing fresh hell on the UK as tensions between the two countries risk boiling over.

Although the row over fishing licences is mostly solved and Mr Macron no longer needs to use Brexit as a cautionary tale to persuade voters against voting for Marine Le Pen, tensions over Channel crossings remain high.

While France blames the UK for the “pull factor” of easily available black market jobs, Britain suspects Paris is not doing enough to stop channel crossings.

Writing in the Telegraph, James crisp added that relations could fall off a cliff if Boris Johnson tries to scrap the hated Brexit deal.

He said: “If the Government tries to override the Northern Ireland protocol, Mr Macron, now the EU’s most influential leader, will demand a tough response.”

Writing in UnHerd, commentator Christopher Caldwell said Mr Macron would remain “invincible” until the point his rivals stopped bickering amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, arch-europhile Lord Adonis tweeted: “Europe this morning is far stronger and more European, thanks to Macron’s decisive re-election, while Brexit Britain is ever more isolated and impotent on the fringes.”


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