Macron warned he is 'playing with fire' as French 'sacred political pact' set to be broken

Alison Sargent told France24 that the left-wing newspaper Libération has suffered a backlash for reporting on their front page that Emmanuel Macron has lost support from left-wing voters. The political commentator stated that Libération were accused of giving French voters permission to break the “sacred political pact” between left-wing and right-wing voters to come together in order to stop a far-right politician from getting into office. 

Ms Sargent said: “It quoted left-wing voters who said they refuse to vote a second time for Emmanuel Macron in the next election even if it means Le Pen could win.

“This caused a bit of an uproar over the weekend and people are accusing Libération of giving voters permission to break what is really a sacred political pact in France for the left and right to come together to stop the far-right from entering office.

“The criticism was mainly coming from people on the centre-right in France and from Emmanuel Macron’s own party.

“Libération today headlines that Macron is in flagrant denial.

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“The paper warns the President that he is dangerously playing with fire by assuming the left is going to mobilise and vote for him if he once again faces Le Pen in the second round.

“As Libération is reporting, a lot of voters are not ready to do that again.”

Last month it was reported that Mr Macron’s bid to be re-elected as French President was coming under pressure as Marine Le Pen closed the gap to just 4 percent in a recent poll.

Hem Saroya told WION News that a recent poll shows that if the French Presidential election were held right now Marine Le Pen would secure 48 percent of the vote while President Emmanuel Macron would be re-elected with 52 percent of the vote.

“This set off alarm bells in the French mainstream as the dual health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the country.”

The Harris Interactive poll was conducted online between January 19 and 20 with 1,403 French adult voters taking part.

The first round of the 2022 French Presidential election will be held in April 2022.

The crucial second round will take place two weeks after the first round.

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