Man stunned by message in a bottle telling English tourists to 'p*** off'


The bottle contained an offensive letter, and was discovered after reportedly washing up on a Llyn Peninsula beach in North Wales. The letter calls tourists “fat b******s” and tells English holidaymakers to “p*** off”. The letter also refers to the Welsh as “sheep sh******”.

The bottle and its contents were found on Pwllheli beach, NorthWalesLive reports. Having been posted online, locals speculated that it had been written by a teenager or a child.

While the author doesn’t seem to be a fan of people visiting the Llyn, they do appear to approve of marine life, ending their controversial letter with “hello fishy”.

The letter says: “Hello stranger! If you’re here on holiday then go home, that’s right p*** off we don’t want you here, annoying English people. Fat b*******. P*** off.

“But if you’re a fellow sheep sh***** then hello sexy. And if you’re a fish then hello fishy.”

After the original story was posted online, readers were keen to share their thoughts on the message. Most were quick to dismiss the idea that English tourists were not welcome in Wales, as well as mocking the mystery sender’s choice of phrasing. 

As one user, Aicha Koubaa, commented: “I’m English and lived for a number of years in North Wales and never ever experienced hostility. The people were lovely.”

Another user, Nicola Nicky Royle Leggitt, wrote: “As a visitor, I’d just find it funny. Humour goes a long way ..x”

“This really made me chuckle haha,” wrote Kitty Cece Coxsey. 

“Kids with nothing better to do is my guess,” added Norma Chase. 

“Who needs phones, when u have bottles to get your word across,” joked Zoe Atherton. 


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