Meghan Markle’s 'low-key' appearance at Queen's Jubilee questioned by Rose Hulse


“People don’t realise you can watch the BBC, ITV and all of these streaming platforms for free.”

Rose went on: “I was finding it frustrating. I just wanted to find all of the content I want in one space. I didn’t really see anybody doing that so I saw it as an opportunity.

“Growing up in California and seeing all of these big budget movies coming out everyday, and high budget TV shows, and large companies, I always felt international content was just different. It was very localised and I wouldn’t be able to connect with it or engaged with it.

“But now being at Screen Hits, living here and being a British citizen, most of the content I watch I love, and it’s all British.

“I have fallen in love with British content. But also the streaming platforms are now managing to integrate a lot of international films. We get to experience so many different worlds now and not just the same thing.”


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