Meghan 'squished to the back' in new Netflix trailer with 'hero' Harry shown face in hands


US streaming giant Netflix released on Monday the second trailer for the six-episode docu-series focused on the love of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their struggles within the Royal Family. This brief video sees Meghan Markle “squished to the back” of the Royal Balcony and Prince Harry taking centre stage as he explains the “hierarchy” existing within the Royal Family claiming there is “leaking but there’s also planting of stories”.

The Duke also speaks of a “dirty game” and voices the “pain and suffering” experienced by women who marry into the Firm – while images of the late Princess Diana and Kate, Princess of Wales, being photographed by paparazzi flash on the screen.

After analysing the 1.16-minute-long clip, body language and communication skills expert Judi James told “This trailer makes the whole thing look very much like Harry’s version, Harry’s series and Harry’s story, with Meghan one of the victims of this ‘dirty game’, along with his mother and even, possibly, his sister-in-law and step-mother.”

Referring to the first few seconds of this trailer, during which Harry drives a car with Meghan at his side, the expert claimed the royal “appears as the hero of this trailer”.

Harry, fifth-in-line to the throne, both saves and feels pity for the women experiencing the rules of the “dirty game”, Ms James added.

She said: “Harry is shown visually as the rescuer of at least one of these woman.

“As he drives we are shown Meghan sitting in a passenger seat, sighing in what looks like relief to have been taken away from what Harry says in a US accent is a ‘dirty game’.

“We are shown images of his mother being tragically bombarded by the press and then, rather oddly, a shot of Camilla, Kate and Sophie on the balcony together.

“After the previous trailer where Kate was made to look grim-faced straight after a shot of Meghan’s suffering, it’s hard to see if Harry is now picking her out as an unsung victim and if so, where does that leave William and what might Kate’s response to this idea be?

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“He targets the ‘hierarchy’ of the royals here, using a shot of himself and Meghan looking squished to the back of a balcony full of royals that include the late Queen.

“He also blames the ‘planting of stories’ that presumably account for the pose of him with his face in his hands in apparent anguish while a pregnant Meghan carries an open laptop in the background.”

The documentary will debut on Thursday, when the first three episodes will be released.

On December 15, the second “volume” of the programme will be unveiled, with episodes four, five and six also to be released.

The programme will likely portray the Sussexes’ point of view on their experiences within the institution of monarchy, with the British media and with other members of the Royal Family.


The trailers also suggested the docu-series will feature other voices besides Meghan and Harry, including their lawyer Jenny Afia and Christopher Bouzy, the founder and CEO of Bot Sentinel, a data company that researches online abuse.

In the run-up to their controversial debut on Netflix, with whom they signed a multi-year deal in 2020, Meghan and Harry will make a public appearance tonight.

The Duke and Duchess are expected to attend in New York City the Ripple of Hope Award Gala, hosted by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organisation.

The royal pair will attend the event as they are among the recipients of this year’s Ripple of Hope Awards, granted to them for the work done on social issues, mental health and equality via their Archewell Foundation.


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