Mrs Brown's Boys star addresses future of BBC series: 'Guess is as good as mine'


Mrs Brown’s Boys is set to return this year for two festive specials which will undoubtedly leave viewers in hysterics, with New Year bringing about fresh starts for the much-loved Irish family. Many fans have called for the series to make a return for a full-length series but Danny O’Carroll, who plays Buster in the show, admitted that he doesn’t know if the comedy would ever return.

The BBC series ran for four seasons and first aired in 2011, with the family returning every year for a Christmas special.

Fans of the show have been desperate for a new series with many begging for the family to return, however, Danny has since shut down any hopes for fans.

Speaking exclusively to he said: “Your guess is as good as mine, we are doing a mini-series which is out next year.

“But after that, I don’t know what is happening, a Christmas special. We haven’t done a series in eight years, so we have just been doing Christmas specials every year.

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“It is the first time coming back in eight years to do the mini-series, so it should be fun, we enjoy it.

“Listen, we will keep doing it as long as they keep asking us to do it. It is just nice to be on Christmas Day.

“I love the fact that people respond to it as positive and they sit around and watch it which is nice. So hopefully we can keep going.”

Danny stars alongside his father Brendan O’Carroll who plays loud-mouthed Irish matriarch, Agnes Brown.

She explained: “In October we’ll be filming Mrs Brown’s, two Christmas specials and the first of a mini-series of four episodes, the other three early next year.

“We’ve got the live show in November at the SSE Arena in Belfast and 3Arena in Dublin. And we’re planning more theatre dates for next year,” she told RTE (National Broadcaster of Ireland).

She added: “Well, you know what this industry is like. There is lots of talk and lots of talk and until it is happening you will never really know. Yes, there is talk.

“We were supposed to be doing a mini-series this year but, unfortunately, due to various different reasons, it didn’t happen.

“It is not just down to us, it is down to studio time, it is down to crew and it is down to cast.

“With Covid, it was a massively turbulent time and there is a huge backlog and all artists and productions are fighting for time and space.

“It is hard to get that time to make stuff and get a slot. Yes, there is talk but whether it happens, I don’t know.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys series 1-3 and the Christmas Specials are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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