'My country stands up to bullies!' Penny Mordaunt hails Falklands courage at PM speech


Speaking about why she wanted to be the next Prime Minister, Penny Mordaunt announced her PM campaign by hailing Margaret Thatcher’s “resolve”. She recounted a story from when she was nine years old and watching the Falklands Task Force sail from Portsmouth as the moment she knew she wanted to be the PM, lauding the “duty and service and sacrifice” of her fellow Britons. Her speech comes as Conservative MP’s take to the ballot box to whittle the eight contenders for leader of the party down to two.

Ms Mordaunt said: “For me, it was when I was nine years old and I was standing on the hot walls in Portsmouth watching the Falklands task force leave Portsmouth harbour. 

“Now, I did not know much about that scene at nine years old, but witnessing it, as well as Thatcher’s resolve at the time, well I knew my country stood up to bullies. 

“And I knew that that was important, important enough for some of those warships and my classmates’ fathers not to return home. 

“I’d seen duty and service and sacrifice for something greater than ourselves and it’s the reason today why people ask me about Britain and our role in the world, I’d say we don’t need a new role in the world.” 



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