'Mystic Meg' Boris Johnson slaps down SNP's Ian Blackford with brutal put down


SNP Ian Blackford asked the Prime Minister for insight on the impending Spring Statement the Chancellor is due to deliver in the Commons. The Scottish politician asked about the planned National Insurance price hike as he warned many Brits are facing poverty due to this increase, along with the cost of living. But Boris Johnson urged him to be patient, branding him “Mystic Meg” for asking his questions mere minutes before Chancellor Sunak’s intervention.

Mr Blackford said: “These families have no room for manoeuvre but the truth is, that the Chancellor does.

“Lower borrowing and increased taxes mean that he is sitting with £20b to spend today.

“But instead, this Chancellor is making a political choice, the choice to push people further into hardship by hiking taxes.

“Cutting Universal Credit and giving companies free rein to slash workers pay, through fire and rehire.

“So the test for the Prime Minister is this… While the Government use the full £20b they’re sitting on to scrap the National Insurance tax hike, and put money into people’s pockets.

“Or will he simply make this Tory poverty pandemic even worse?”

Mr Johnson said: “I just advise Mystic Meg over here that he has only ten minutes to wait until he’ll have the answer to that question Mr Speaker.”



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