National Grid issues capacity warning as risk of power shortage tonight


Fintan Slye, the executive director of the National Grid subsidiary that oversees the UK’s electricity system, had previously said “cautiously confident” National Grid supplies can meet energy demands this winter.

But EnAppSys, the energy specialist firm, tweeted: “Capacity Mechanism Notice Issued for 19:00 this evening. Unlikely to become true as NG ESO will use interconnector trading to increase imports this evening over the coming hours.”

National Grid Eso explains that Capacity Market Notices are “communicated automatically by National Grid ESO systems to this website and will be issued at least four hours ahead of the stated commencement time.

The primary trigger set by the UK Government for a Capacity Market Notice to be issued to the industry is where the level of available generation is within a 500MW threshold of National Grid ESO’s requirement.

The warning comes amid concerns that the UK would not be able to shore up enough energy imports from Europe this winter, which is suffering from its own crisis as supplies sent from Russia have plummeted. 

While Britain gets most of its gas from Norway under normal circumstances, it does send and receive energy from Europe via interconnectors. But due to declining gas deliveries from Vladimir Putin, as well as declining nuclear output in France on issues with hydroelectric generation in Norway, National Grid warned there was a chance scant supplies could spark outages in the coldest winter months. 

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