New elderly driving licence proposals could create a 'two-tiered system'


    Ian McIntosh, CEO of Red Driving School said any changes to driving licence schemes could run the risk of “disenfranchising” older motorists. The comments come after IAM RoadSmart suggested a new “flexible” driving licence proposal.

    This would see older motorists issued some restrictions such as distance limits and curfews.

    However, the plans have been attacked by RED Driving School who have called for the proposals to be scrapped.

    Ian McIntosh said: “We’re really disappointed to hear IAM Roadsmart is suggesting ‘flexible’ driving licences for older drivers.

    “If implemented, these plans would create a two-tiered system for older and less mobile drivers, and potentially restrict people’s movement.

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    “With the wintery conditions arriving in the UK, the roads are becoming more dangerous – it’s therefore vital that motorists feel comfortable, confident and behind the wheel.

    “And it’s not just for older drivers – these lessons can be hugely beneficial for drivers of all ages and abilities.”

    The research from IAM RoadSmart showed many older drivers were willing to be tested on the road.

    Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they would use a DIY kit to test their own driving skills if one was available.

    He said: “The fact that over half of older drivers are willing to undergo extra driving checks bodes well for the policy changes we advocate.

    “These include an immediate review of driver licensing, offering mature drivers reviews on prescription and a joint education campaign to help drivers start to plan for their future mobility needs.

    “With everyone moving in the same direction, we can drive down accidents on the road, making Britain’s roads an even safer place to be.”

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