New parking tax may see unlimited costs with no upper charging limit – 'quite astonished'


Workplace Parking Levy’s (WPL) are set to be introduced in Scotland as the Scottish National Party confirmed there will be no upper charge limit to the scheme. The legislation – which could be introduced as early as next month – would aim to cut the numbers of drivers on roads and clean up the environment.

A WPL is a charge on employers who provide workplace parking, which has been introduced previously in Nottingham.

Nottingham is the only city in the UK to have the scheme, with a cost of £415 per space per year, which has generated around £64million since 2012.

The council has invested this money into public transport including tram, bus and railway station improvements.

There have been calls to introduce the scheme in Leicester, with consultations being launched which looks at charging companies with more than 10 parking spaces £550 a year per space from next year.

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He added: “The minister and her official have just confirmed that there’s no limit whatsoever on what councils can charge for a licence.

“That will frighten the life out of businesses across Scotland.

“The Scottish Chambers of Commerce and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow being one of the cities where this could be introduced, say this levy should be scrapped or at least put on hold while we recover from the pandemic.

“Is that not something the minister has considered?”

In response, Jenny Gilruth, Transport Minister for the SNP, said the WPL charges would be a decision for councils to make.

She continued, saying: “This is a matter for local authorities to decide upon.

“If I was to come and set a top limit for this, I would be accused of interfering with local democratic principles.

“We have got to get the balance right. I would expect them to set an appropriate cost accordingly.

“I would be concerned that Mr Simpson is potentially scaremongering on this issue.”

This comes just a few days after the Government introduced new laws to cap the amount drivers can be fined on private car parks.

Most fines in England, Scotland and Wales will be capped at £50, down from £100 currently, something which the AA described as “much needed”.

Neil O’Brien, Minister for Levelling Up, said the new Code of Practice will “set out a clear vision with the interests of safe motorists at its heart”.

Higher fines of £70 and £100 will remain for serious breaches, such as parking in Blue Badge bays.


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