Nicola Sturgeon should NOT have IndyRef2 or second Brexit vote: ‘People decided already’


Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon argues that if Scots had known they were about to leave the EU just two years after their independence referendum, they would have “undoubtedly” voted to exit the UK. Ms Sturgeon issued a paper last month claiming that Scotland could flourish outside the UK, and further papers are planned on the nation’s currency, borders and EU accession.

As a result, asked readers whether a second Brexit referendum should be prevented.

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In a poll that ran from midday on Monday, July 4, to midday on Monday, July 11, asked: “Should a second Brexit referendum be made illegal?”

A total of 8,183 people responded, and the vast majority, 79 percent (6,438 people) said “yes”, a second referendum should be made illegal.

A further 21 percent (1,689 people) said “no” it should not, while just 56 people said they did not know.

A BBC Question Time panellist said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was still in office at the time, should call Ms Sturgeon’s “bluff” and push ahead with a second Scottish independence referendum.

Daily Telegraph columnist Fraser Nelson joined Fiona Bruce in Inverness, Scotland, on Thursday, June 30. 

He said: “Really, I think Boris Johnson might be tempted to call their bluff because if there was one and they fight it, the current opinion polls suggest it would be a real struggle. 

“Especially, when you start to ask who pays the pensions, in what currency, how would you cope with a hard border with England which there would have to be after Brexit. 

“Difficult questions, and I don’t think the SNP in its heart of hearts really wants to answer them.”

In response, ran a separate poll that ran from midday on Friday, Jul 1, to midday on Monday, July 11, asked: “Should Boris call Sturgeon’s bluff and call 2023 election to block independence bid?” 

Overall, 1,159 people cast their votes and readers were divided on the matter. 

Some 50 percent (580 people) said “no” while 49 percent (565 people) said “yes”. 

A further one percent (14 people) said they did not know either way.

However, username sandman2012 said: “The original poll should be respected but there is considerable evidence to the contrary.” 

Others argued that a second Scottish independence referendum should not be held and Ms Sturgeon should not have a bluff called. 

Username Pockets 051 said: “No way, let her stamp her feet and scream.” 

Username Beehive wrote: “NO. Last time she said it was a once-in-a-lifetime vote. Our Countries should not be subjected to this disruption.” 

And username NoPainNoGain said: “No because they will just want another and another and another vote. The people decided already, get over it.” 

Yet username PhilCo58 said: “Yes, on the understanding that if the vote is no, they repay the full cost. The taxpayer has paid once, why should we pay again.”


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