‘Nonsensical!’ Fury as thousands of Britons demand new Highway Code rules scrapped


The poll, questioning “Should new rules for drivers be axed after furious backlash?” ran on Express.co.uk from Monday, February 14 until Wednesday, February 16. Out of 4,837 people that answered the poll, a striking 96% (4,661 users) believe that the new regulations should be scrapped. A total of 176 users (4 percent) replied “No”, stating that the new Highway Code should remain as is.

Since it was published, the code has sparked strong controversy among motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Among other changes, the new code suggests that motorists now have to give way to pedestrians trying to cross a road at junctions, as well as to people on zebra crossings.

As part of the new rules, pedestrians are given higher priority than vehicles on the road.

Specifically, according to the Government website, a new “hierarchy of road users” is imposed which “places those road users most at risk in the event of a collision at the top of the hierarchy.”

Highway Code POLL: Should new rules for drivers be axed after furious backlash?

The changes also refer to the behaviour of cyclists, who should now ride “in the centre of their lane on quiet roads, in slower-moving traffic and at the approach to junctions or road narrowings”.

Reacting to the new regulations, an Express.co.uk reader with the username TRUCKER commented: “This is so stupid these rules are nonsensical. Whoever thought these rules up needs to be sectioned. Are they some escaped nut case from another planet”

Another with username StephenDouglas said: “So funny Boris is a cyclist so rules get changed they have priority. so he can get to more parties unhindered.”

A reader with username proudscot wrote: “No-one really knows who or what group came up with these barmy ideas and no-one knows either WHY. What brought this on?

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“What was so pressing all of a sudden that the Highway Code had to be so systematically rubbished.

“Whoever brought this on needs kicked out of whatever position they hold as they are clearly criminally irresponsible.

“This whole thing makes a mockery of safety and common sense. Scrap them. Right away before people start being injured…or killed.”

At the same time, a user with the username DavidOAP said: “The solution is simple, reserve the roads I.e. the section defined by the edge of the tarmac/road surface for those that pay for them and are insured to be on them.


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