'Not unthinkable' Nuclear war warning: World may be 'few steps' from oblivion – RAF chief


Air Marshal Edward Stringer CBE said the scenario of attacks with nuclear weapons is a “weight on the minds” of world leaders as they get on with negotiations. He told LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast: “It’s no longer unthinkable and it will clearly be weighing on the minds of those who are making all the political calculations at the moment.

He warned: “It is only a few steps to get from where we are now to a confrontation that could see the use of nuclear weapons, which I think is a pretty terrifying prospect for anybody sensible.”

The Air Marshal said that was the reason leaders had been reluctant to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

He went on to explain: “That is why when there were are calls for no-fly zones, the political leadership was quick to point out that NATO is a defensive alliance and NATO is not being attacked.”

And concluded: “NATO is not constructed to go onto the offensive, if it did it would be taking on another nuclear power – Russia.”


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