'Obviously never met a four-year-old!' Britons rush to defend Louis as Royal criticised


The Royal Family yesterday concluded a particularly busy extended weekend of celebrations for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The adults were not alone in spending hours at events, constantly in view of cameras, and greeting ginormous crowds.

The children played a prime role, with Prince Louis drawing particular attention regarding his laughter and expressions.

In one particularly eye-catching and age-typical moment, the four-year-old could be seen blowing raspberries at his mother, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

This prompted a mini-wave of criticism on Twitter.

User @Bostonian7019 wrote: “I don’t care if Lil’ Louis is only four. He came across as a brat, behaving the way he did.”

They added the young prince “shouldn’t have been at the pageant”, noting: “To be honest, I think the Cambridge kids shouldn’t be seen in public ‘till they are at least 21.”

@SunnyZhia even went so far as to suggest “Prince Louis will be the new Prince Harry if the monarchy is still around”.

They said: “You think the youngest son in a family that bangs on and on about the role of George and William and Charles doesn’t notice that… early [on] then you do not understand kids.

“You can already see it.”

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@KaylaAdams___ wrote: “People picking on Prince Louis for being an energetic toddler need a hard look at themselves.

“No, he doesn’t need sorting out or isn’t spoilt just for being a CHILD. He’s full of energy and has been in the same place for hours.”

She asked: “Is he meant to be a statue?”

Photographer @hannahinwellies added: “I’m not a fan of the Royals, but the people criticising Prince Louis’ behaviour over the weekend have obviously never met a four-year-old.

“There’s a reason for the name ‘Fournado’.”

She added those criticising Prince Louis have, in particular, never met a four-year-old “who is probably very overtired and overstimulated”.

Even former US Press Secretary Jen Psaki joined in on the debate, writing in a post on Twitter: “As a parent of a four-year-old not in line to the throne, Prince Louis, we see you and we understand you.”


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