Pauline Collins’ heartbreaking battle with giving daughter up for adoption: ‘Why?’


Louise was 21 in 1986 and contacted Collins after finding out about her mother through her adoptive parents.

She was in the midst of studying for a French degree when she wrote to Collins, noting that she had no negative feelings or resentment, but simply wanted to meet her birth mother, which they then arranged. 

While Letter to Louise was Collins’ authorial debut she was able to pen it in roughly a year, writing the book in between filming in Calcutta with Patrick Swayze. 

All throughout the process of publication, Collins kept Louise in mind, consistently noting that if she did not want it published it would never be published. 

The pair still have an “evolving” relationship according to Collins, although Louise now lives in Scotland with her own family. 

After meeting Louise, Collins put her in touch with her birth father as well, noting “she’s very like him”. 


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