Phil Vickery loves singledom and is 'happy on my own' after kissing ex Fern Britton's pal


He added that he is totally accepting of “never” seeing Winnie, the 21-year-old daughter she shares with Fern, over the festive season, and has no regrets.

“My daughter never comes for Christmas, she can’t come – lots to do. Honestly it doesn’t bother me,” he told Kaye.

He continued that it was when he neared his 40s that he realised he was comfortable with not being in a committed relationship with anyone, vowing instead to take life as it comes.

“I’ve got friends of mine who are deeply unhappy in relationships and putting up with all sorts of rubbish just because they don’t want to be on their own – and that’s not life!” Phil raged.

“Nine times out of 10, people are worried about being on their own when they’re older.


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