'Pounded it to rubble' Putin's devastating plot exposed as next major target named


General Barrons explained that Russian servicemen could not walk in to capture Ukrainian cities so they used their tanks and missiles to collapse the cities before driving through to occupy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invading neighbouring Ukraine for nearly a month now, and peace talks are ongoing, as global political heads seek to stop the violent attack on Ukraine. The military expert also claimed that Russia had had three major failures so far during the war.

BBC Radio 4’s Today host Justin Webb said: “Tell us first of all what you think the significance is of that battle for Mariupol?”

General Barrons added: “So I think there are two, one is when the Russians feel they have successfully concluded that battle.

“They will have completed umbrage from Russia to Crimea and they will see that as a major strategic success.

“And the second is if you look at the method they’ve adopted where this really matters to them, they couldn’t walk in, they couldn’t drive in with their tanks so they pounded it to rubble.

“And that’s what we can expect to see anywhere else that really matters to them.”

The BBC host said: “Do you regard this as something of a sign of failure, a failure at least of the initial strategy?”

The General added: “So we’ve seen three failures from the Russian military so far.

“The initial invasion, based on this astonishing misappreciation of what the situation was going to be in Ukraine, relatively easily dealt with by the Ukrainian military.

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Despite Russia’s failure to fully occupy Ukraine in a short space of time, many military experts and political commentators are predicting that Putin’s war machine will not just stop at Ukraine, but Putin will try to re-unify other passed soviet aligned countries in Eastern Europe.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that President Putin will not stop at Ukraine’s border.

He said: “The end of freedom in Ukraine will mean the extinction of any hope of freedom in Georgia and then Moldova.

“It will mean the beginning of a new age of intimidation across the whole of Eastern Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea.” 


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