Prince William impresses Kate during survival masterclass in Belize jungle – 'Amazing'


The royal couple are on the Belize leg of their royal tour of the Caribbean and for their second full day, the couple went on to the Mayan site of Caracol followed by a trek and survival class with troops in the jungle. The Maya ruins date back to 1200 BC and the Kensington Royal Twitter account tweeted: “What incredible views today.

“It was an honour to be here at this iconic Mayan monument in the Chiquibul Forest.”

The couple trekked into the forest to meet British and Belizean troops who are part of the British Army Training Support Unit.

The Duke of Cambridge previously worked with the unit in 2000 before he went to university and began to recall his army training as the couple were taught life-saving skills for the forest environment. 

The Duke was cheered on as he expertly made a shelter out of a giant palm leaf which he cut down the middle.

As William worked, he announced: “It’s all coming back now!” 

The royal lifted the leaf onto the roof constructed by troops which impressed Kate who said: “It’s really sturdy, it’s amazing.”

The 90-minute crash course was part of the training completed by British troops who lived in the Belize jungle for six to eight weeks.

As the couple embarked on a “truly authentic jungle experience” they were lectured on wild cooking, setting animal traps, building shelters, water capture and creating fire.

The Duke and Duchess were taught how to catch and kill monkeys and turkeys for food with a sharpened bamboo spear and a medieval contraption similar to a guillotine.

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The Duke thanked the troops for their work and cooperation with each other and was pleased to reunite with his former academy sergeant major at Sandhurst who now runs the unit.

Lieutenant Colonel Simon Nichols said: “It was great to see Prince William again as it always is.

“If there was one lesson I hope they took away with them, it is the power of the collaboration between the British army and the NGOs such Panthera and Friends for Conservation and Development.”

He concluded: “The jungle is their Crown Jewels and we all have a duty to protect them for each other.”


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