PS Plus May 2021: Big week ahead for PS4 and PS5 free games fans

This week will see new PS4 and PS5 game betas going live and continuing throughout May 2021.

Sony recently announced that they would be hosting several trials this month, some of which will require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Closed Beta is being hosted on May 14 and will end on May 15 as part of a closed trial.

This means that anyone who wants to test out the new game coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles will need to register their interest beforehand.

A message from the development team explains: “For those of you joining us for the first time, Hunter’s Arena is a 30 player PvP & PvE combat-based Battle Royale set in the ancient age of Demon Hunters.

“In this dangerous world, you will become a Hunter who must fight forbidden demons that started to appear as a long-forgotten seal broke loose. Beware of other Hunters as well, as it is no secret that the seal was broken free by no one other but one of your own, a Hunter.

“With no one to trust, you must defeat everything that crosses your path and bring an end to chaos in Hunter’s Arena.

“We are most excited about bringing you a fresh style of Battle Royale experience in our game. We focused on providing an experience that is enjoyable to both players who prefer engaging in PvP and to players who lean towards exploring in a PvE environment.

“In Hunter’s Arena, you are not restricted to only fighting each other, but you can also choose to enter high-risk, high-reward dungeons. You may encounter Boss demons and slay them to collect powerful items and level up faster than others in dungeons. We suggest that you choose your strategy wisely to gain the upper hand on your road to victory. “

But while many people won’t be able to join in on the Hunter’s Arena Beta, there are others being hosted this week.

“Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned – sometimes fixing one thing can break something else – and this is why we’re extending the Pre-Order Beta until May 14th.

“Not only will you get to play more of Rust Console Edition prior to release, but we will also continue gathering useful information and feedback that can only be obtained when we have a higher number of concurrent players inside the game.

“This provides us with the invaluable opportunity to identify and fix more issues, ultimately making the game better for you, the players.”

And another option scheduled to arrive on May 14 will be the second Guilt Gear Strive open beta, which will be kicking off on May 13.

This trial will only be available to download and play during short intervals but comes with the bonus that it doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription.

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