Puppies can't contain excitement after being rescued from 'death sentence' on roadside


The two pups, now named Sparkle and Snowy, were spotted by rescuers from the UK charity Pawprints to Freedom in Tecuci, Romania, last Monday. The team were driving along the road when they noticed the tiny stranded animals.

The rescuers scooped up the helpless puppies, thought to be three months old, and put them in the car.

They searched the area but could not find any signs of a mum or siblings.

A heartwarming video shows the excited puppies in a cardboard box in the back of the car after being rescued.

Sparkle and Snowy are now at the charity’s shelter in east Romania and will be ready to travel to the UK to be adopted when they are four months old and have had their vaccinations.

A spokesperson for Pawprints to Freedom said: “We came across these tiny puppies running towards us chasing a man on a bicycle.

“We stopped to see if they were abandoned as they seemed lost.

“One of them came running towards us without hesitation, the smaller one wasn’t so sure, so we had to tempt it with a little sausage.

“Part of our team scooped them up and safely put them in our car, the other part of our group searched the wider area to see if there were any signs of the mother or other siblings.

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“We named them Sparkle and Snowy and hope they will get adopted quickly as these sweet pups shouldn’t grow up in a shelter.”

The pair are expected to be medium to large size when they are fully grown.

Pawprints to Freedom works to help dogs in Romania, which has a huge number of strays.

Find out more about Snowy and Sparkle here.


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