Putin faces 'real heartache and discontent' as inner circle unrest brews over war failure


Mr Kupchan discussed seeing more flexibility in the current state of Russian politics.

The senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations claimed that there hadn’t been this much flexibility in Russian politics since the end of the Cold War.

Mr Kupchan went on to discuss his thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s current inner circle and claimed that he was feeling discontent with those closest to him

Putin has been continuing to ramp up threats on the West this week, leading to more fears that Russia may expand the war into Europe.

Mr Kupchan told Times Radio: “But I do think that we see more fluidity in Russian politics.

“Than we’ve seen really since the end of the Cold War, Putin I’m not predicting is going to fall.

“But he faces real heartache and real discontent even among those in his inner circle.”

Many military experts have claimed since before the beginning of the war that many of Putin’s closest Generals are too scared to intervene and tell him to stop his ongoing onslaught on Ukraine.

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Other military experts have speculated on Putin’s current state of mental health.

In one of the Russian President’s recent speeches, he compared himself to Peter the Great and discussed plans to recreate the Tsar Empire.

The Tsar empire was made up of neighbouring Baltic states.

His message has furthermore added to speculation that he may want to start a bigger war with Europe in order to fulfil his fantasy.

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Other military experts have been speculating on his overall health.

Some claim he may is suffering from a degenerative disease that may be playing a part in his decision-making.

His recent threats on European countries have caused NATO-aligned states to bolster their defences in case of any type of Russian attack.

Daniel Gerlach, a member of the private research and advisory group Zenith Council, explained why he believes keeping the lines of communication with Putin is so important.

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