Putin invasion in tatters as Russian tanks decimated in Ukrainian strike – PICTURES


With the war entering the fourth week, progress by Putin’s forces has been met by brave resistance by Ukrainian forces who have stood up to the Russian war machine. Reports from Ukraine suggest 13,500 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the conflict, however, Ukraine has also suffered heavy losses, structural destruction and over 2.5 million people forced to leave the country.

Pictures of the most recent attacks on Russian tanks in Ukraine show clear aerial footage of a tank being hit by an explosive device.

Smoke and flames can be seen emanating from the wreckage following the strike.

The most recent intelligence report by the Ministry of Defence states: “Russian forces are struggling to overcome the challenges posed by Ukraine’s terrain.

“Russian forces have remained largely tied to Ukraine’s road network and have demonstrated a reluctance to conduct off-road manoeuvre.

“The destruction of bridges by Ukrainian forces has also played a key role in stalling Russia’s advance.

“The tactics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have adeptly exploited Russia’s lack of manoeuvre, frustrating the Russian advance and inflicting heavy losses on the invading forces.”

It is hence why Russian forces are relying heavily on air superiority when attacking Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has pleaded on numerous occasions for a NATO-imposed no-fly zone over the country, hence cutting off Russia’s last line of attack.

However, this has been widely snubbed by NATO and Western allies who state such an act will involve serious global consequences should a non-Ukrainian asset shoot down Russian aircraft.

In a desperate plea to the US House of Representatives yesterday, Mr Zelensky begged for more equipment in order for Ukraine to defend itself.

Most NATO members have contributed hardware to Ukraine, but have stopped short in sending troops or becoming directly involved.

Putin humiliated as top ally admits war not going well

Many foreign volunteers have also joined Ukrainian forces in the defence of the country.

Russia has finally cottoned onto the fact this vast influx of weaponry and manpower is having an effect on its military and has now taken steps to halt the flow.

Ukrainian airbases at Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk in the west of the country were attacked and severely damaged in an effort to degrade Ukraine’s Air Force, a move expected in the opening hours of the invasion but which came nearly three weeks late.

A Ukrainian base in Yavoriv, near the Polish border, which is used to train foreign fighters, was obliterated by missile attacks as Russia tried to interdict the stream of men and hardware pouring over the border.

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Russia has clearly turned its sights from the immediate battlefields in the east to the relatively unscathed west of Ukraine.

Other than tanks, multiple Russian assets have also been destroyed as the war spreads across the country.

Ukraine’s military said in recent days four Russian helicopters, a jet, and a cruise missile was shot down by its forces which remained in control of all major cities – including the badly-hit southern port of Mariupol.

Is Putin losing this war? Should NATO impose a no-fly-zone over Ukraine? Has the stagnation in advances signalled a turning point in the conflict? Let us know what you think by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Globally, pressure is mounting on Putin and the Russian forces.

Already, severe economic sanctions have been placed on Russian officials, as well as against the state itself.

In a twist of diplomatic language, US President Joe Biden called Putin a “war criminal”.

The use of such terms was slammed as “unforgivable rhetoric” by Moscow.

So far, all attempts at talks between Ukraine and Russia have failed to yield results leading to a ceasefire or peace.


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