Putin knows 'if he leaves Russia he may not return' as allies seek out new boss


Mr Zygar explained that Putin was hauled up in his bunker trying to stay away from critics. The Russian journalist claimed that Putin was only keeping his close assistants and generals close to him at the stage of the war in Ukraine. And claimed Putin was being cautious about his alliances whilst listening intently to what people were saying about him. Putin’s war in Ukraine has been continuing to rage despite the fact that the Russian army has been experiencing a number of losses on the battlefield in recent weeks.

Mr Zygar told CNN: “And he knows probably that if he leaves Russia there is a possibility he will not return.

“So he is staying in his bunker, he is keeping all of his friends and close ones… Close assistants, generals very very close to him.

“And he’s watching them all, and he is very cautious about the alliances.

“And about the people what do people say, and what people talk about him.”

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Putin has been trying to bolster his war efforts in Ukraine amidst experiencing major defeats in regions such as Kherson in recent days.

Russian troops withdrew from the once-occupied territory, which allowed Ukrainian forces to liberate the people of Kherson and claim victory.

And Putin has been threatening Ukraine with nuclear action in order to try and sabre-rattle them into capitulating to his demands.

One of Putin’s allies Xi Jinping the President of China even condemned Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons on Ukraine during a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz earlier this month.

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President Xi said: “The international community should … jointly oppose the use or threats to use nuclear weapons, advocate that nuclear weapons must not be used and nuclear wars must not be fought, in order to prevent a nuclear crisis in Eurasia.

“As large and influential countries, in times of change and turmoil China and Germany should work together all the more, to make more contributions to world peace and development.”

He added: “At present, the international situation is complex and volatile.”

And Western Governments have been strengthening their allyship with each other.

Emmanuel Macron the President of France called on Xi to unite together against Russia at the G20 summit.

Mr Macron said:  “It is appropriate to join forces to respond to major international issues, you mentioned the climate issue to name but one and probably the most significant, but also to international crises such as the war launched by Russia in Ukraine for which the G20 is an appropriate format.”

He added: “Together with President Xi Jinping, we call for respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The consequences of this conflict go beyond European borders: it is through close coordination between France and China that we will overcome them.”



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