Putin secretly shipping 'black sacks of corpses' out of Ukraine as Russian losses mount


With increasing evidence Putin’s forces are struggling against the fierce resistance shown in Kyiv, Mariupol and Kharkiv, a mortuary in the Belarusian city of Mazyr is said to be receiving large numbers of bodies of young Russian conscripts. An eyewitness told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty he had seen “black sacks” being loaded from military ambulances onto Kremlin railway cars. The reports come as the conflict in Ukraine nears the one-month mark.

The eyewitness said: “Passengers at the Mazyr train station were shocked by the number of corpses being loaded on the train.

“After people started shooting video, the military caught them and ordered them to remove it.”

Meanwhile, a doctor in the region told the US state-funded news agency: “There are not enough surgeons. Earlier, the corpses were transported by ambulances and loaded on Russian trains.

“After someone made a video about it and it went on the Internet, the bodies were loaded at night so as not to attract attention.”

The publication also quoted an employee of the Homel regional clinical hospital who claimed more than 2,500 corpses had been shipped from the Belarusian region back to Russia as of March 13.

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty could not independently confirm the account and neither could Express.co.uk.

Russia rarely updates the official death toll to its war.

Yet, some 10 days into the conflict, the Russian defence ministry admitted 498 Russian soldiers had been killed and 1,500 had been injured in combat.

While information coming from the Kremlin ought to be treated with scepticism, data from a range of sources provides a glimpse into Moscow’s losses.

On Monday, March 21, a surprising news story was published by the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, which often posts pro-Kremlin news reports.

A line in an article about the war read: “According to Russian defence ministry data … 9,861 Russian soldiers had been killed in action and another 16,153 had been wounded.”

Minutes later, the line disappeared, with no other Russian news agencies reporting the remarks – but screenshots and archived versions of the deleted report quickly spread on social media.

While it is not clear how Komsomolskaya Pravda could have gained access to those figures — nor if they are true — the numbers suggest, once again, Putin’s troops are suffering fatal losses.

The paper later claimed its site had been hacked, with a statement on its website saying: “Access to the administrative interface was hacked on the Komsomolskaya Pravda website and a fake was made in this publication about the situation around the special operation in Ukraine.

“The false information was immediately deleted.”

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Estimates from other sources are even higher.

Ukrainian officials on Monday, March 21 estimated more than 15,000 Russian soldiers had been killed – a number close to the official estimates of Soviet soldiers killed in the decade-long war in Afghanistan.

In addition, more than one hundred helicopters, 400 tanks and 900 vehicles have been destroyed, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On Tuesday, 22 March, a senior Pentagon official the Russian military has lost more than 10 percent of the combat force that Putin sent to invade Ukraine.

They described Ukrainian resistance as “able and willing” to begin counteroffensives to take back territory.

Speaking of the Kremlin’s difficulties in the war, the official was cited as saying: “Clearly they did not properly plan for it.”

President Putin condemned speculation on the death toll among his military in a speech last week.

He said: “The collective West is trying to divide our society.

“Speculating on military losses, the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke a civil rebellion in Russia. And is using its fifth column in order to achieve this goal … the destruction of Russia.”


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