Putin's desperation as ex-Army officer claims Russia nukes may no longer even work


Vladimir Putin raised the spectre of nuclear war this week when he told the Russian nation he was “not bluffing” about their use. However, President Putin’s threat has been exposed after one leading former British Army officer claimed Russia’s warheads may no longer even work. Speaking on GB News, Lt Colonel Stuart Crawford added that any Russian preparation for the use of nuclear weapons would be spotted by Western intelligence far in advance.

When asked if President Putin was bluffing, Lt Col Crawford responded: “One has to be very careful about assessing Putin because his mind might not work in the same way as normal, sane people.

“In terms of using nuclear weapons, I think you can never totally relax.

“On the tactical nuclear weapon front, it is well-known that the nuclear warheads have been in storage since the 1990s.

“No-one knows if they are well-maintained or whether they still work.”

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The former army officer continued: “And the warheads are not sitting on missiles or in artillery systems waiting to be delivered.

“They have to be outloaded, and as soon as they are loaded out from their arsenals, bunkers, and depots, the eyes in the sky will see that happening.”

He said that tactical nuclear weapons allowed military leaders to “dial in the yield you want to get from them”.

He explained: “In a battlefield situation, while they are terribly destructive, you can actually contain the amount of destruction to a certain extent.

“It certainly ups the ante in any war.”


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