Queen praised for 'true leadership' as she silently served despite pain


Queen Elizabeth II continued to perform her royal duties and serve the British people until her very last breath despite a raging disease. Her Majesty The Queen battled a blood cancer, a royal biographer revealed, explaining why she suffered from mobility issues and was forced to cancel royal events in her last few months. Despite the afflicting disease, she persisted in serving the British people in a move branded as “true leadership”.

Speaking to GB News, Royal and Showbiz Reporter Kinsey Schofield said: “Like she promised, she worked until her last day. 

“I think it gives us a better understanding of what a true leadership looks like and how to define true leadership. 

“Meghan talked about suffering in silence, look at Queen Elzabeth. 

“Very few of us knew about her ill-health. We just thought she was getting older.”

Ms Schofield said: “It was a mistery to us because she continued to show up, she continued to work. 

“And Gyles actually talked in the book about how she pushed herself almost too far and how doctor had to step in and say: ‘We really think you need to take a step back because you’re actually exhausting yourself’. 

“But internally, she wanted to keep going. She wanted to stay out in front of everybody. And she wanted to continue to do her job.”

Gyles Brandeth made the revelations in his biography entitled “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait” in which he says Her Majesty The Queen suffered form of bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma in the last period of her life.

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