‘Real crowd pleaser’: Jamie Oliver shares ‘few tricks’ for the perfect roast potatoes


    Jamie Oliver regularly shares his tasty recipes as well as tips and tricks on how to master a delicious Sunday roast dinner. The famous chef has shared his roast potato recipe which he calls “a real crowd pleaser”.

    Flavour combo two:

    50g unsalted butter

    One bunch fresh sage

    One clementine

    Flavour combo three:

    Two tablespoons goose fat

    One bunch fresh thyme

    Two fresh bay leaves


    To start, Jamie said: “Peel the potatoes, cutting any larger ones so they’re all an even-size – twice the size of a squash ball is about right.

    “Wash the potatoes in cold water to get rid of any extra starch then tip into a large pot, cover with cold salted water and parboil for seven minutes, then drain in a colander and leave to steam dry for three minutes.”

    Next, give the colander a shake to help fluff up the potatoes, which will help them to crisp up in the oven.

    Jamie then recommends picking what flavour combination you wish.

    He added: “Tip the potatoes into a large tray in one layer, and add the fat – olive oil, butter or goose fat – then season really well with sea salt and black pepper.

    “Toss the potatoes in the fat (you could get the potatoes up to this stage the day before, simply cover them with cling film or tin foil and pop in the fridge or in a cool place until needed), then roast for 30 minutes, or until lightly golden and three quarters cooked.”

    Next, the chef said it is time for his “trick”.

    Jamie said: “Gently squash each potato with a potato masher to increase the surface area – the more of your potato that’s in contact with the pan, the crispier it will be.”

    Add one good lug of oil into a small bowl and pick your herbs before tearing them up in the bowl.

    If opting for flavour combo two, Jamie recommends peeling a good few strips of clementine zest with a speed-peeler.

    He said: “You won’t eat these but they’ll add amazing flavour.

    “Break up the garlic bulb, adding the unpeeled cloves to the bowl, along with a splash of red wine vinegar, then scrunch and mix it up a bit.”

    Once the chosen flavour combo has been added to the potatoes, give the pan a good shake and then pop them back in the oven for a further 40 to 45 minutes.

    Once they are nice and golden, transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain off some of the excess fat before serving them with a delicious dinner. 

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