Roy Keane and Micah Richards clash over Tottenham striker Harry Kane 'playing for Chelsea'


    Roy Keane and Micah Richards provided some trademark pantomime when discussing Harry Kane’s lack of form in the Sky Sports studio in the wake of Tottenham’s 3-0 defeat to Chelsea. The former Manchester United captain questioned the England skipper’s work-rate and suggested the forward did not seem to be giving 100 per cent for Spurs.

    Richards was keen to stick up for Kane, stating that he does not receive the service he would like at Tottenham.

    Keane: “To me when I looked at him today, it was more his body language.

    “Closing people down, we saw for the last goal. He’s your top man.

    “He’s the man you’ve got to rely on even when you’re having a hard day.

    “It’s great for strikers when they’re lashing the ball into the back of the net but when the ball goes up to them, you’ve got to make it stick, create an argument.

    “Shock the people, I never ever see him digging people out.

    “It’s as if there’s a bit of a hangover from the summer, that would be my concern.”

    Richards: “He’s got to be frustrated though, they’re not creating much as a team.”

    Keane: “Forget that for a second. There’s more to scoring goals if you want to be a striker. Get hold of it…”

    Richards: “I agree with that but put Kane in Chelsea’s side, he’s frustrated.”

    Keane: “Well he’s not in the Chelsea side, he’s in the Tottenham side.

    “He’s here, he’s got a long-term contract here. Sprint at people, get hold of the ball.”

    Richards: “He’s frustrated. He’s not getting the service he gets with England.”

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